Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The Pup is Sick

Well, he's not really sick and he's no longer a pup. In fact, last week Oreo turned six. But things are not going well for the now middle-aged fellow. Before we went south on our March break trip, Oreo was having some difficulty getting up. It seemed to come on too quickly to be arthritis so we didn't give it too much thought. But by the time we got back, he was worse. This lead to vet visits, pain medication and watchful waiting. Today he had x-rays, a traumatic event for dogs since they have to be put out. The effect on my bank account was also a bit traumatic. When oh when are we finally going to have socialized medicine for dogs? The good news is that the vet doesn't see any signs of arthritis, fractures or hip dysplasia. Hopefully, Oreo just has a soft tissue injury that hasn't healed because we didn't keep him quiet. For the next two weeks, we have to keep Oreo from climbing stairs, jumping on furniture and lengthy walks in hopes that his injury will heal. Here's hoping that come spring, he'll be his old active self.

How is Oreo now? Hopefully he is moving better.
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