Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Oreo Mange Tout

It's spring and a young dog's fancy turns to.......eating any damn thing he can get his paws on. For much of Monday, we had an in-house, canine mystery. Cheryl had removed the fancy middle eastern carpet from the stairs on Thursday and laid it out by the front window to clean it. And that's where it stayed since Cheryl and Sarah went away for the weekend.

On the weekend, I was delegated the task of taking Oreo for his walks. That involved driving him to the local dog run which is covered in two feet of snow and has treacherous, icy paths. I persevered for two mornings and managed to give him a 40-minute walk each day.

That second day, however, Oreo found part of a discarded plastic bag and immediately ingested it. I lunged for his mouth and tried to grab the bag before it ended up in his gullet. Unfortunately, I only managed to get one small piece of it.

I thought nothing more of the incident. After all, Oreo eats just about anything. In fact, he should be named Oreo Mange Tout. Anything left on the ground risks ending up in Oreo's stomach, particularly in the spring. I'm assuming all that melting reveals a wondrous new world of scents and smells which tempts dogs into treating the great outdoors as their own personal doggy buffet.

The Monday morning after Cheryl and Sarah got back from their trip I headed downstairs and found a small pile of thrown up dog food on the fancy carpet. I informed Cheryl and headed off to work. After all, he's not my dog and I've already cleaned up my share of his leavings over the years.

We figured this was a one-time incident but when I got home Monday night, I soon discoverd three more piles of doggie upchuck on the carpet. Except this time there was a clear clue as to why Oreo was reguritating at will.

One of the piles was wrapped in a knotted up piece of plastic, the same plastic, no doubt, that M. Mange Tout snarfed down on the weekend.

Anyway, I guess it's good news that Oreo managed to unload his plastic. Otherwise, we likely would have ended up with another expensive vet visit. Here's hoping the carpet remains empty tonight.

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