Friday, February 29, 2008


A Shaggy Dog Story

Poor old Oreo is caught betwixt and between. His curly PWD locks have grown to the point where we can now barely see his eyes. He's definitely overdue for a haircut but Cheryl faces a doggy dilemma. When Oreo gets a haircut, his coat is so matted that he ends up getting just about shaved. Considering that there are still many weeks left of winter here in the Great White North, is it really fair to leave him with a tiny spring coat to survive the cold and snowy days ahead?

Cheryl has taken to doing the occasional trim in order that Oreo can still see where he's going. A bit of a trim around the body also seems to help although he still looks a bit ratty. But until the temperature stays consistently above freezing, I think he's going to have to put comfort ahead of appearance at least for the time being.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Oreo Goes For A Skate

Oreo got his walk tonight but it was a little more difficult than he's used to. That's because we got a nice dose of freezing rain which left the streets like a skating rink. I warned Cheryl before she headed out so she had the good sense to put on her ice grippers. But poor Oreo didn't have that option so he ended up slipping and sliding his way around the neighborhood. I suspect the poor guy got more exercise than he bargained for and will be hitting the sack earlier tonight.

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