Thursday, May 24, 2007


Please Fence Me In

Now here's a complication I didn't figure on when it came to dog ownership: a disappearing fence.

Our house backs on to the playing field of a neighboring high school. That playing field has been separated from us for years by a chain link fence that encloses the entire field. But not now.

Last Friday, I came home, looked out the back bedroom window and noticed the absence of the chain link in the chain link fence in my neighbor's yard. It turns out that portions of the fence are in bad shape and the school board decided to replace the entire thing.

The trouble is, they neglected to tell us. Luckily, the workers had stopped for the day at my neighbor's yard. Otherwise, if Oreo had been patrolling the back yard and the fence had come down, he might still be on his way to Montreal.

Yesterday we finally received a letter in the mail detailing the fence work. Apparently we'll have a new fence in about two weeks. But in the meantime, we have to let Oreo out on a long leash attached to a handle screwed into the ground.

Seems easy enough. But Oreo is unclear on the concept. When I try to let him out to tie him up to the leash, he resists. I'm not sure if he thinks I want to take him for a walk or he just doesn't like being tied up outdoors. Eventually we do manage to get him out but two weeks of this is not going to be fun.

Monday, May 14, 2007


The Disobedient Dog

Yesterday provided lots of evidence that Oreo is not an obedient dog. Things started off well with an early walk at the local dog run. Oreo was off leash for half an hour and came when called at the end of the walk. When we got home, however, his cooperative demeanor changed.

Usually when I let Oreo out of the car, I hold his leash just in case he might think about bolting. But I figured by now he was so used to getting out of the car in the carport and immediately heading in the front door of our house that I didn't need to grab his leash. Big mistake.

As soon as Oreo got out of the car, he spotted a rabbit on our front lawn and was off. He raced across the street and into a neighbor's backyard in a futile attempt to catch the bunny. And I quickly followed behind yelling "Oreo, come back!" and frantically shaking his treat bag.

Of course, all my efforts were in vain. Once Oreo finally gave up on the rabbit chase, he bolted across the street and started exploring another neighbor's backyard. He completely ignored my commands and then headed for another backyard.

When he decided that he'd had enough fun, he headed for our carport and waited for me to let him in the house. I think he was looking for a treat given that I had been waving his treat bag for the last ten minutes. Needless to say, he did not get one.

Later that day, Oreo gave Cheryl a hard time. She took him for a walk at a local wooded area where he decided to take off on his own in the woods. Cheryl kept calling but he wouldn't come back. Eventually, of course, he returned when he decided it was time. Except he was covered in white flaky stuff of unknown origin that necessitated an unscheduled afternoon bath.

Last night, we experienced the third leg of Oreo's Sunday trifecta. Cheryl got up about midnight and closed the door to the spare room. A few minutes later, I got up and I thought I heard something in the spare room. So I opened the door and there was Oreo. Apparently he had decided to spend the night on the spare room bed. I politely directed him to his own bed on the kitchen floor and said good night to our disobedient dog.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


One Exhausted Oreo

I've been subbing for Cheryl the last couple of days. Ordinarily, that would mean that Oreo would get short shrift with shorter walks and less attention. Well, he probably still got less attention with me but I think he did get a lot more activity.

This morning I took him for a long walk at Conroy Pit, the local dog run. Between running off to explore and playing with various other dogs, he managed to get a good workout. And then I took him to his pal Mickey's for more fun - a four hour playdate with his best canine pal.

On top of all that, Oreo even got a short walk tonight after supper. But since then, he's been Mr. Comatose, lying at the top of the stairs resting from the day's activities.

Dogs are much like kids. If you don't give them a workout, you'll be stuck with a hyperactive two year old who'll drive you nuts. But run them ragged and they'll flake out before you know it.

Good night, Oreo. Pleasant dreams.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Oreo's Audio File

The CBC Outfront web page has now posted the audio file for last week's dogumentary "Memo to Oreo." Check it out at

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Memo to Oreo Redux

Well, tonight's the night for my "Memo to Oreo" mini-documentary. It's slated for airing tonight on the full CBC Radio One network (91.5 FM locally here in Ottawa) at 8:43 P.M. So if it's the second intermission of the Senators hockey game and you've wandered into the kitchen for a beer, turn on the radio and give a listen. Check out for particulars.

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