Wednesday, May 09, 2007


One Exhausted Oreo

I've been subbing for Cheryl the last couple of days. Ordinarily, that would mean that Oreo would get short shrift with shorter walks and less attention. Well, he probably still got less attention with me but I think he did get a lot more activity.

This morning I took him for a long walk at Conroy Pit, the local dog run. Between running off to explore and playing with various other dogs, he managed to get a good workout. And then I took him to his pal Mickey's for more fun - a four hour playdate with his best canine pal.

On top of all that, Oreo even got a short walk tonight after supper. But since then, he's been Mr. Comatose, lying at the top of the stairs resting from the day's activities.

Dogs are much like kids. If you don't give them a workout, you'll be stuck with a hyperactive two year old who'll drive you nuts. But run them ragged and they'll flake out before you know it.

Good night, Oreo. Pleasant dreams.

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