Tuesday, February 13, 2007


It's Cold Out There

Here's another shot of Oreo against a nice, clean kitchen floor. Not that it's always clean these days given the accumulation of slush, mud and snow outside. Every time Oreo goes out for a walk or even a spell in the backyard, he inevitably ends up with dirty paws which leave their marks throughout the house.

For some time now, both the front and back doors have featured some old cloths which are to be used to wipe Oreo's paws. This is a chore that is honored more in the breach, as they say. It's usually easy to tell when the pup has had his walk from the paw prints that mark his path from one room to another.

The other day, I drove Sarah to school and saw something that was both laughable and reasonable. A woman was walking her dog who was wearing four booties. Two years ago, I would have laughed and called this a silly affectation. Now I'm beginning to think it's not a bad idea. Maybe I'll consider an upcoming birthday present for Oreo namely, two pairs of doggie boots. Then again, recalling the trouble I used to have with Sarah's boots when she was a toddler, I expect that trouble would be doubled with our four-legged friend. Perhaps I'd have better luck teaching Oreo how to wipe his paws on the doormat. Yeah, right.

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