Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Oreo Becomes a Toy

The other night, Oreo got hold of one of Sarah's little stuffed toys and wrestled it into submission. The results of the one-sided battle were spread out on the living room rug for me to see the next morning. There was a head, an empty body and a few hundred beads that made up the stuffing for the now-deceased toy.

When Sarah woke up and saw the devastation, she wasn't upset by the loss of her toy. Rather, she was concerned because she was pretty sure the toy had a squeaker inside and that maybe Oreo had swallowed the squeaker.

It's been three days now and it still remains a mystery as to what happened to the squeaker if, in fact, it ever existed. One possibility is that it has passed through Oreo and is lying in a pile of dog poop in the backyard. The other possibility is that it has lodged in Oreo's entrails thereby making him the first living, warm-blooded squeeze toy. The next time someone squeezes the pup around his middle, we may hear a once-familiar squeaky sound. The final possibility, of course, is that we will soon be making our umpteenth trip to the vet for an expensive squeakectomy.

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