Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The Pooch Is Back

Well, the pooch is back. In the end, Oreo spent almost a whole week at the doggie resort which in human terms works out to $160. By my rough calculation, it would cost me (with discounts) about $5,000 to board him there for the entire year.

Cheryl picked up Oreo this morning and apparently he was overjoyed to see her. I suspect that when he gets dropped off, he figures this is it; he's being abandoned. So to see his owner return six days later must be a thrilling canine mixture of relief, delight and confusion.

As with his last resort stay, Oreo reportedly spent the whole time playing with other dogs. So I guess a resort stay for a young dog is much like sending a kid off to camp. When you drop them off, they're all anxious and worried about their new environs. But as soon as the owner/parent leaves, it's playtime until you come to pick them up. Thus, the dog/child gets the fun and the owner/parent gets the guilt.

Oreo, of course, is exhausted from his six-day vacation. Thus, he spent most of the day sleeping and is now out on his evening constitutional with Cheryl, Sarah and Sarah's friend Bridget. Like it or not, things are now back to normal - a normal which now reluctantly includes a dog.

Oh well, we've already booked him into the resort for four days later this month when we take a short trip to Montreal. Until then, it's back to living with Oreo.

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